BEF Awards 2016 Fall Grants Monday, March 27, 2017 Wednesday, March 27, 2097

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How do you get Kindergarteners to stay focused and learn?  By providing comfy carpets that entice the kids to sit, learn, and explore while mastering numbers.  The carpets are ideal for building counting skills, practicing number recognition, understanding before/after/between but also provide each student with a specific spot that is theirs.  The carpets encourage learning but also promote good behavior and a personal learning space. Debbie Richards, Jennifer Kriskovich, and Kara Remsen at Margaret Leary Elementary were awarded $893.35 to purchase these specialized carpets for their classrooms.

Kennedy Elementary School has united in an effort to help the environment and the Butte community through their program, Crusaders are SMART.  Each year Kennedy Elementary participates in Earth Day and has a special program to take pride in their
school.  As an extension of those programs and to further educate the students about our environment, Kennedy was awarded a grant for $907.89 to purchase tote boxes for each classroom specifically for recycling, a recycling can, and contract with AWARE to collect the recycled material on a regular basis.  Kristine Anderson authored the grant application for Kennedy Elementary.

STEM, a program promoting science, technology, engineering and math, is being promoted across the country.  At Margaret Leary teacher Paul Dailey has been awarded $870.80 to promote engineering through the Lego Engineering Club.  The club will provide students with a fun, hands-on introduction to engineering concepts and procedures.  The students will be able to share their creativity with each other and with members of the Montana Tech Drilling Engineers Association who will collaborate with the club.

West Elementary First Grade Teacher, Krystal Villasenor, has been awarded $1000 for her grant “Wobbling to Learn”.  Ms. Villasenor knows that it is hard to keep her students engaged and one way to do that is to have them sit in Kore Wobble
Chairs instead of the typical school chair. Many students are kinesthetic learners that learn best when they are using their muscles along with their brains.  Wobbly chairs will allow the students some movement while learning and also promote core strength and good posture. 

With $1355.00 from the Butte Education Foundation students at Margaret Leary will have math learning wrap-ups to use for the purpose of improving fact fluency and overall math skills school wide.  They will be used in conjunction with GO MATH
both within the classroom and during Title I math intervention.  Wrap-ups are a hands on tool in practicing math facts that allows students immediate results and feedback.