BEF Awards 2015-16 Grants Wednesday, May 18, 2016 Saturday, December 31, 2050

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During our long cold Montana winters the elementary physical
education teachers thought they needed something new to liven up their
classes.  Cindy McCarthy and Colleen
Schulte were awarded $1922 for “Come Alive with Drums Alive”.  Drums Alive is a researched based fitness
program that incorporates fitness, drumming, music and educational concepts to
improve the physical and mental health of children.  Kinesthetic awareness, neuro-muscular skills,
cardiovascular conditioning, flexibility, strength, and wellness are all exercised
and improved through the program. 
Because the elementrary physical education program already had Fit Pro
Balls (the drum) this grant provided for the purchase of the drumsticks,
wireless music system, and music program. 
Drums Alive will be used by all elementary physical education classes.


There is nothing better than having pride in your school and
community.  Kennedy’s MBI Crusader Pride
Program is a year-long program to promote school pride, teach acceptable
alternatives to inappropriate behaviors and create a culture of respect and
belonging. MBI (Montana Behavioral Initiative) is designed to meet student’s
diverse and complex social, emotional, behavioral, and academic needs through
the use of school-wide positive behavioral support.  The BEF was proud to support this program and
award Kennedy and counselor/grant writer Kerry Lowney with $1000.00 toward
supplies for the program.


The Robotics Team at Margaret Leary applied for a grant to
install new water bottle filling station at the school.  This year’s Robotics competition focuses on
trash, the environment, and recycling. 
The Margaret Leary Team found that thousands of plastic bottles are
being used but not recycled or even reused. 
To promote the reuse of plastic water bottles they requested and were
awarded $1300.00 to purchase and install a water bottle filling station at the
school.  The station will promote reusing
bottles, encourage more students to drink more water, and save time at the
drinking fountain.  One of the goals at
Margaret Leary is to be at school every day and consuming more water helps
decrease the chances of being sick. 
Water filling stations also prevent the spread of germs compared to our
traditional drinking fountains. 


“The Ripple Effect” is the focus and goal of the grant
submitted by Janeen Walsh and the HOBY students at Butte High School.  HOBY, Hugh O’Brian Youth, is a four day
leadership program for sophomores that offers students hands-on leadership
activities, Introduces them to local leaders, lets them explore personal
leadership skills, and teaches how to lead others and make positive impacts in
their community.  For many years only one
or two students from BHS were able to attend the conference but Ms. Walsh
wanted more students the chance to participate and then return to the community
and complete a local project.  The BEF
would also like that ripple to start so awarded $1050.00 to allow three
additional students to participate in HOBY this year.


Manners and general respect of each other is lacking in many
students today.  This was particularly
noticeable with some young men at Emerson Elementary this year.  So the staff at Emerson developed a plan
“Look Good, Feel Good, Do Good” and requested $2000 to start and run The
Emerson Young Men Society.  Awards will
be given for good behavior, social skills and manners will be taught and
expected, and a formal dinner will be the goal at the end of next year.  They have a similar program for girls but the
girls will also benefit if the boys learn anything.