BEF Awards Spring 2015 Grants Monday, June 15, 2015 Monday, June 15, 2099

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Every year Emerson School selects a theme for the new school year.  This year’s theme is Montana.  While Reading will take advantage of the many books about Montana and Social Studies will focus additional time on Montana, Connie Carlson and Judy Vinecke thought that a great way to promote Montana, and pride in it. was by having a Montana flag in every classroom.  The BEF is proud to celebrate Montana with Emerson Elementary and has awarded $580.00 to enhance their school and Montana pride with Montana Flags.

"Project Night Light” sponsored by Mike Kujawa, River Newman, and Diana Kujawa was awarded $2497.00.  Picasso Light Painting, which is flashlight photography, will be introduced to third through sixth graders in the district and will also be available to high school art
students.  Project Night Light will introduce students to new, unique technology that will allow them to expand both exploration and production of medium, and advance the study at the high school level.  This new technology will be integrated with science (light waves), and writing (artistic statements) using the process of digital photography and light painting techniques.

The Award Winning Justin Robb Memorial Garden was established at East Middle School in 2011.  Students have harvested hundreds
of pounds of produce, learned valuable gardening lessons, and enjoyed its beauty.  The success of the garden has not come easily and without numerous volunteer hours.  To insure the future success of the garden, $1000 had been granted to fund an irrigation system for the garden and movable bed covering to extend the garden’s growing season.  Currently the garden relies on manual daily movement of hoses.  This becomes troublesome in the heat of the summer when most staff and students are on vacation.  This grant will automatize the
process and more precisely manage the irrigation of the garden.