BEF Awards Fall 2012 Grants Saturday, November 17, 2012 Monday, April 20, 2020

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The Butte Education Foundation has awarded its grants for Fall 2012. Technology continues to be a source of need in our schools but hands-on projects were also part of the $8144.45 awarded this fall.  The BEF has awarded over $75,000 in grants to Butte Schools.

"Technology to Support Inclusion" sponsored by the Whittier Special Education and Resource Teachers was awarded $1870.92 to purchase ipods to allow students with disabilities to adapt better to challenges in the general education classroom.  The ipods will be used for all curriculum subject areas to limit anxiety, help transitions, and increase academic achievement.

Superintendent Judy Jonart applied for a grant, "Lunch with the Superintendent" to establish better communication with our district students and gain feedback on curriculum.  This communication will help district administrators develop a "Healthy Citizens" curriculum to educate our students to grow into responsible and contributing members of our community.  Superintendent Jonart will have lunch with 20 selected students and administrators from each school each month.  BEF awarded $7.00 per participant per lunch totaling $1260.00 for this grant.

The Infinity Club of Butte High School applied for a grant "Infinite Opportunities - Infinite Successes" and was awarded $1800.00.  Funds will allow students an opportunity to apply employment, community, interaction, and independent living skills learned in the classroom to a real world experience.  Cash management, inventory, customer service, banking, and employee relations are just a few of the skills that will be experienced through developing a "Pencil/Pen Dispenser Business" at Butte High School. 

"Meaningful Mosaic" applied for by several teachers at Kennedy Elementary School, but will be incorporated by the entire school, was awarded $1016.79  to design and construct a mosaic wall on the Kennedy Campus.  Incorporating math, science, art, and social studies Kennedy students will design and construct a mosaic focused on the life cycle of the butterfly that is studied each year at the school.  Each class will be responsible for a section of the wall that will be comprised of tiles glued onto mesh sheeting.   

Reading is a fundamental and essential part of all education.  Margaret Leary's     "Reading Rocks" program is a 9 week reading challenge that encourages students to spend more time reading at home, and rewards them with free books for meeting goals.  As students meet their goals they gain a sense of accomplishment and also benefit from extra reading.  BEF awarded $1000.00 to help Margaret Leary students learn that reading really does rock.

And finally, Butte High School Physical Education Teachers know the importance exercise plays in living a healthy life but want the students to understand how to correctly increase cardiovascular fitness.  Through the use of heart monitors students will learn about the heart's function and individual exercise heart rates.  Understanding ones heart rate both while exercising and not is the first step toward effective exercise and maximum benefits.  "Becoming Heart Smart" was awarded $1196.74.

The Butte Education Foundation awards grants every spring and fall to teachers in the public schools of Butte and Silver Bow County.