History of the Foundation

In June of 2006, a group of concerned parents and educators began meeting to explore the possibility of starting a local education foundation for the Butte Public Schools.

Like many other school districts around the country, the Butte School District faces increasing pressure to do more with less. While the school district's budget supports the basic needs of the schools, a declining tax base along with declining student numbers have combined to make it difficult to fund anything in the way of innovative programs outside the basic operating budget.

The declining numbers related to Butte's unique history of mining closures and economic downturns do not accurately portray the current reality of economic resurgence and vitality in the Butte community.

As we strive to attract new businesses and new residents, we need to demonstrate a genuine and ongoing commitment to public education. Schools are often the first thing visitors ask about when looking at Butte as a potential new home.

The Butte School district currently enjoys the reputation as one of the most technologically advanced districts in the state, thanks to past collaboration with local businesses. This is one example of the type of achievement that is possible in our schools when we all work together. Our hope is that the Butte Public Schools Foundation will be a catalyst for many similar types of future successful collaborative efforts.