Butte Education Foundation Awards Grants Fall 2010

The Butte Education Foundation has awarded its grants for fall, 2010. Three grants totaling $6718 awarded this week address an often overlooked approach, the relationship between learning, mind, and body.

Butte High School's physical education instructors received $2760 for their grant "Move to Succeed." The funds will allow for the purchase of high-tech, exercise mats for PE classes. The mats are used for geomotion programs that include dance, kickboxing, aerobics, speed/agility training, and strength/conditioning routines. Awarded to all PE instructors, the grant was written by Becky Cianca.

Becky Fisk at Whittier received $987 for "Squirmers are Learners" to purchase stability balls for the classroom and PE. She will use the balls instead of chairs to increase attention, concentration, posture, blood flow, flexibility, coordination, and balance. She will also be trained on the use and maintenance of the balls and program.

East Middle School received $2971 for "100 Million Steps for East" to implement a walking program to help get students more active. The grant will purchase pedometers for all students with the goal of walking over 100 million steps. East hopes to help curb the ongoing teenage obesity rate with this program. George Foley sponsored the grant with all the PE instructors at East and the assistance of the school administration.