About Us

The mission of the Butte Education Foundation (BEF) is to facilitate the funding of innovative educational programs and to advance community support for excellence through endowments, scholarships, grants, and specialized programs. The foundation will provide financial resources for students and educators in the district and county schools. It will be ran by a board of directors made up of business, education, and community leaders. The board's focus will be on fundraising and promoting the value of education.

Our guiding vision is that every child has the right to an excellent education and that an investment in the Butte Public Schools is an investment in the Butte community. Good public schools help everyone and especially help the community.

The Butte Education Foundation is a:

  • Non-Profit
  • Tax-Exempt
  • Charitable Organization

BEF is independatant of the Butte Public Schools, but is collaborating and cooperating with teachers and administrators towards shared goals.

BEF is seeking funds for needs and programs that are not covered by the funds available to the district.

BEF is supproting innovation, creativity, and new education ideas in the classroom.

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